Blog Backups And E-Book Publishing


First, make a backup of your free blog by clicking Mysite –> Settings –> Export option;


When exporting finishes, the “Download” button appears. Click on it to download to your local system. It will save an XML file which you can import in your newly-created blog elsewhere. Pls. make sure your original blog is not marked Private so that the new blog can fetch the media i.e. images, pictures, etc.


WordPress Backup & Restore (import / export) Plugins;

All in one wp migration


All-In-One WP Migration Process:

Publish or Print Book From Your WordPress (As a hard copy backup)

You can write a book with the help of your blog content. To do so, Sign up with a free online blogging service i.e. or and publish an E-book containing all of their blogs and its media i.e. pictures, audio, video, etc in PDF format.

Keep a text-only copy of every individual blog with all links as footnotes and related media i.e. pictures, audio or video in the same folder where you keep the original blog text file. Every blog entry will carry its own folder.

Next, you can install a PDF printer and simply keep a PDF copy in the same folder of that particular blog entry. Windows 10 comes with a free “Microsoft Print to PDF” printer by default. Simply print any of your online blog’s individual entry as PDF and save a copy at your desired location.


You can maintain exact copy of your original blog at another location i.e. with another free blogging provider’s website, using a different name or title for search engines.

Publish Your Own E-Book

And last, but not least, you can convert your blog into an E-book via Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF, EPUB and MOBI formats. There are many tools and services online that provide free (and paid) options to do that;

Writing and Self-Publishing Book via Microsoft Word:

Book Size (Trim Size): 6″x9″ (6.125 x 9.25 if you include images)

Paper type: Creme

Book Cover Image Size: 576 pixels X 864 pixels

Margins: Top, Bottom and Inside (0.76″), Outside (0.6″) and Gutter (0.14″). Select Mirrored margins in the multiple pages.

Body Text: Serif Font Garamond size 12

Line Space: 16 points

Paragraph Spacing: 10 points and justified.

Paragraph Indent: 0.2″

6×9 Book Template Downlaod Link From Amazon Createspace:


Structure Of A Book

Book Cover
Half Title Page (Title only)
Also by the author or Also in the series
Title Page
Table of Contents
List of illustrations, maps or tables
Editor’s Preface
Author’s Preface

Paging of all the above can be done via Roman letter i.e. i, ii, iii, iv… and so on.

Introduction (Actual page numbers start here)
Epigraph (on opening chapters)
Chapter 1
Contributors List
Author’s Bio
Back Cover

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