I’ll live forever for loving you


Every day… A brand new day… A whole lot different
Than the previous tomorrow… A day without a yesterday..
Today… I know what is life
Today… I know what is death
I lived… I died… but I survived eternal death.. Cause of love
Never knew love’d be this much powerful
Never knew there was more to God
All the holy books used to talk about love
Was always numb having not loved
Today.. I know, Today.. I loved
Today.. I survived eternal death
It is love that gives life… Not just life on earth
but an eternal life… to live forever
the one you loved truly… that one keeps you alive forever…
but the pain of love, you’ve to suffer, you’ve to die
you’ve to survive.. you’ve to believe. . . God is love, Love is God
Today… I love you, Today.. I desire you,
Today… I want to die again, Only to live forever…
I lived, I loved, I died, I believed
I’ll live forever for loving you!
Cause I chose life over death
an eternal one!


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