Please don’t ask me about me anymore


Pls. don’t ask me today about me
I’m tired of talking about me
I’m not interested in myself anymore
There are people who hate me
There are people who love me
I don’t know why is there so much love and hatred
If I deserve love, then why not love from everyone
If I deserve hatred, then why not hatred from all
It is strange…. very strange..
I have asked many people about this
and each time I get different answers
and I get confused more and more
about me, myself and the Amir you want to know about
So, don’t ask me any more
Let me stay here on earth for some time
As my time is about to come just like yours
We are all destined to go back where we came from
So why bother?
Let me be whatever I am, terrible or lovely…
Let me be
Pls. dont’ love me, Pls. don’t hate me
I’m done…. really done!
I promise to “never” help anyone with open heart as I used to
I promise to “never” go beyond my own means
to reach out and try to be different
I promise to never make promises again
I’m done… really done!
So, pls. dont’ ask me about me
I am nobody, nothing, never existed before,
will never exist again
For this short time, that I am here,
simply treat me as simple person, not special
I’m done being treated so special, so lovely, so hatefully
I promise “never” ever to be whatever my guts tell me to be
I promise that to myself and to everyone that I’d stop being “me”
I know it sounds crazy.. but pls. let me stay crazy..
I am happy being crazy
Pls let me pass you by with a single “hi” and “bye”
Nothing more
no more philosophies of life, no more deep thoughts,
no more analysis of anything
I’m done.. I’m tired
I’m fine, hope you’re fine too
Pls. don’t ask me about me, pls. never do that!!! (sad)


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