You minding my business


You minding
My business

Yes we love
Each other

We did not
Listen mother

Stop caring
Faking another



2 thoughts on “You minding my business

    1. Oh well, let’s run our imagination a bit wild;

      1. It could be between two lovers whereby one lover’s life is controlled by his/her mother.

      2. This is between two friends who know each other so much that one knows when one is faking and when they are not.

      3. Or its between two co-workers who are secretly in love but have not been able to express it to each other. And saw one of them cheating on the other.

      Human behaviors are as weird, strange and sometimes shocking as many humans are out there. My particular train of thought is obviously secret and confidential in this or any other words of mine. Please do allow me to keep it that way. Thanks

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