Too many versions of myself


There’s a pattern I see developing over time in describing anything that relates to my own self. I get bored with that self-description overnight and simply have to re-write and in the process, re-invent my own self. Surprisingly, each time I see myself a perfect fit for the words at that given moment. Which obviously does not last for too long and the cycle continues. The fact that I mentioned it as some sort of bothering me, is in itself confusing as it does not “bother” bother me for real. I actually feel entertained by my own words when any sort of drama, movie, book or individual fails to do so.

The same issue has been with my dating profiles. I have so far written 177 over the period of one and half years. Here’s an example of one of my “About Me” pages on this blog;

About Me (Version 1.0):

There are three types of people in this world;

  1. Winners
  2. Losers
  3. Me

Whenever it comes to winning or losing (irrespective of anyone’s definition), I prefer to not participate in any such competition. I’d definitely love to find one where everyone wins or everyone loses equally. But so far, beyond my own self, have not found anyone or any such place to even qualify as such.

Words are my playground and I love playing with them. Unfortunately, some people misunderstand my words as being directed towards them or them having even a remote connection with them. If I could, every single word of mine will come with a kind of disclaimer that will span a minimum 10 volumes of expansive books.

If you were interested in finding answers to trivial questions i.e. my age, education, location, race, gender, etc., then you are advised to not read any further. That was all the entertainment you were entitled for.

Everybody else (whether an adult or a child), you are welcome with warm hugs in winter and cold smiles in summer :)

I am neither a hermit, nor a social butterfly. I love being a common person and hate being treated special or VIP. I might have been spoiled too much or I might simply give a damn about anything or anyone. Both of these, I choose with special care. Not everyone qualifies for being a candidate to spoil me. Similarly, you will have to go beyond being a serial killer to attract even an iota of my ignorance.

Phew! that was quite a large description of mine. I am rarely that generous with my words. Probably, missing too much attention or clinginess.

About Me (Version 2.0):

I ran an experiment by posting a weird-sounding poetry in the “About Me” section on here. Nobody liked it. But when I posted it on my main blog, it was a resounding success and probably broke all the “LIKES” record on social media. What? It was only 3 likes. Oh well, Three is too many from the stand point of statistics studies that I did back in my college days.

Catherine, is my coffee ready? Your pay day is nearby and you better keep me happy.

This “about” page can’t stay still just like my own self. I have to change it after a certain time which can range anywhere from a couple of seconds, to a couple of years. I love change, dynamism and continuously evolving.

Some say I’m a slippery fish, freshly caught from a lake. But nobody can take me home cause its illegal to fish in that lake.

This does not mean that I don’t get attached to things or people. I rarely part myself with my favorite shirt or even socks. While doing so, I make sure that I don’t end up being a hoarder by participating in various charities.

So, its very possible that this used and noisy laptop that you got from a Goodwill or that dusty keyboard of yours, it might very well be mine.

I often find many people stuck in a situation, with an individual or even with their own bad selves. They get a free ride to something new and exciting via my own global and at times universal (via dreams) experiences and ideas of life, people and situations. That knowledge could either be spiritual or personal, and at times learned from various sources i.e. autobiographies, magazines, forums, news, real-life stories etc. Yeah, you guessed right, I’m a know-it-all troll that scared the shi*t out of you in your latest online fight.

Now hush!

Some call me a nerd and a geek while others equate me with Antonio Banderas. Dr.Sheldon Cooper’s character from an American TV series “Big Bang Theory” fails miserably at describing me;

Still need more entertainment? Get off my “About” page please and head to a Dollar-a-night theater.



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