Uniquely different


There’s a difference between being “oddly different” or “uniquely different“. Different people see the difference between the two differently. Something odd for some could very well be weird for others. Similarly, something bizarre could also be regarded as being uniquely different. Its just a matter of what goggles you wear while looking at a particular individual or an event. Just in case the mention of “goggles” instead of “glasses” freaked you out, I still prefer using the former.

In a business meeting, while being introduced, I carried on describing decades old highly specialized skill set of mine. But I was interrupted by someone (a founder of a think tank) who had hardly known me for a few months. He proceeded to announce to everyone that I was being too humble in describing anything about myself. Here’s what he said;

“Mr. Amir, out of my global travels and millions of people I have met, he stands out as carrying a highly unique point of view about any given subject matter which is way different from any of his peers or from anyone I have personally known or met.”

I have never been introduced like that to others by someone outside of my own self. I do strive to offer a different perspective, or give 101 different ideas or ways to see something. But isn’t that something which everyone should be able to do normally? Without being sucked into any situation from emotional (or otherwise) point of view, I think one can develop an objective way of looking at things far from above the sky. Sort of like having a bird’s eye view about any given topic or a situation.

Even though I took it as a compliment but still, as being part of a specie popularly known as “homo sapiens“, I am also a social animal just like everyone else.  And I wish to be surrounded by the ones who strive to be different, no matter what.


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