How To Voice Your Opinion For Net Neutrality



This help guide applies only to Citizens of USA. Before proceeding, please watch this video first;

Here’s how you can voice your opinion about open internet and net neutrality officially to FCC;

Point your Internet browser i.e. Chrome or Firefox to this URL;


Enter proceeding number 17-108 in the “Specify Proceeding (optional)” box and hit “Search” button at the bottom;



In the next screen, click “+Express” link as below;



Next, you will be presented with a form to fill out with your personal information and comments. Enter something like this in the comments;

“I specifically support strong Net Neutrality backed by Title 2 oversight of ISP’s.”

You need to press “ENTER” key on your keyboard after you type your name in the Name(s) of Filer(s) field.




Simply complete all three steps or screens. And if you need any help, contact the ECFS Help Desk at 202-418-0193 or via email at

And finally, call your local Congress member and voice your opinion strongly in support of net neutrality. To see the contact information of your own senator or congress member, check out this link;




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