Koi yeh kaisay bataye? – English lyrics

English lyrics:

How can someone tell
Why is she still alone?

The one who was mine
Why he belongs to someone else?

If this is how the world is
Why is this world this way?

If this is how it happens
Why does it happen at all?

If I let someone touch my arm
Why does he grab the whole of me?

In his chest
My heart beats all over

If we are so close
Why is there so much distance?

From this broken heart
Nobody has left for good

A deserted home
Someone keeps knocking

When hope is dead
Why does he re-ignite?

Call it a seasonal effect
Or a relationship with grief

It is said
Relationship of love
Lasts forever

If a relationship lasts forever
Then why does it change?


Urdu lyrics:

Koi yeh kaisay bataye keh
Woh tanha kyun hai?

Woh jo apna tha
Wohi aur kisi ka kyun hai?

Yehi dunya hai to phir
Aisi yeh dunya kyun hai?

Yehi hota hai to akhir
Yehi hota kyun hai?

Ik zara hath barha dain to
Pakar lain daman

Uske seenay me sama jaye
Hamari dharkan

Itni qurbat hai to phir
Fasla itna kyun hai?

Dil-e-barbad se nikla nahi
Ab tak koi

Ik lutay ghar pe diya karta hai
Dastak koi

Aas jo toot gayee
Phir se bandhata kyun hai?

Tum asar ratt ka kaho
Ya ise gham ka rishta

Kehte hain
Pyar ka rishta hai
Janam ka rishta

Hai janam ka rishta to
Badalta kyun hai?


Lyricist: KAIFI AZMI
Music Director: JAGJIT SINGH
Movie: Arth (1983)


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