Politics: Left Vs. Right Policy Comparison



When you hear so many confusing political terms on TV or internet on important issues i.e. abortion, healthcare, education, etc. You want to know who is talking about what and especially if you want to use the power of your own vote to change things, you should be aware who is representing what?

It seems world has pretty much already been divided clearly in two camps i.e. Left and Right. So, here is a very brief and a simple policy comparison for the both;

Policies Left
(Also called Liberal)
(Also called Conservative)
Abortion In favor Against
Education Free public education funded by Government Free public education PLUS government to pay for children to study in private school or opt for home-schooling.
Economy Income equality, higher taxes on rich, more government spending, social welfare, infrastructure, strict rules for doing business. Favorable taxes for businesses and lesser business regulations, Lesser government spending, Against social welfare programs for poor.
Guns Against In favor
Healthcare Government funded Private without any Government support
Immigration In favor Against
Political Party Democrats, Socialist Republican
Media MSNBC, CNN Fox News
Ideology Socialism, Federalism, Utopian-ism, Multicultural, Atheism, Ethics-based, Lesser wars, Nurturing parents, Dove pacifism and diplomacy, Mostly urban. Most supporters include (Media, Architects, Professors, Scientists and Teachers). Homeless are victims of the system. Criminals are social and economic victims. Capitalism, Individualism, Theism, Morals-based, Foreign wars participation, Strict parenting, Hawkish policies, Survival of the fittest. Mostly rural. Most supporters include (Police, Military, Stock broker, Business, Judge). Homeless are shameless. Criminals choose to be.

Please do note that some politicians may pick and choose policy issues from Left and Right wing politics to favor. They are usually called Centrists or Moderates. Whatever issue or policy matters most for you, you can pick and choose a politician to support accordingly.

Note: I have used American political system as an example to elaborate on left and right wing policies. Globally, many nations seem to follow similar sounding political paths as well.







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