Urdu Language Keyboard in Windows 10



Here’s how you can add and enable Urdu language keyboard option in Windows 10;




Either type “Urdu” in the search box or scroll all the way down to click the “Urdu” language option;



I have no clue what is the difference between “Urdu Pakistan” and “Urdu India”. That’s why I posted a similar question on Microsoft Windows 10 official forum at https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/windows/en-US/d70cc44d-8db2-44f8-88ba-55c4328bef8b/what-is-the-difference-between-language-options-urdu-india-and-urdu-pakistan?forum=win10itprosetup and am waiting for some official Microsoft response.

Default Microsoft Urdu Keyboard

The default Microsoft Urdu keyboard layout is online at;


Which looks quite similar to this;

default microsoft urdu keyboard

Now, you should be able to open any Microsoft Windows 10 application i.e. Notepad and type in Urdu. Make sure you toggle the language by clicking the bottom-right icon “ENG” and selecting “Urdu Pakistan and Urdu Keyboard” option;



Phonetic Urdu Keyboard

Lately, there has been another alternate Urdu keyboard called “Urdu Phonetic Keyboard” which is getting popular now-a-days. The reason for its popularity is because every English alphabet is associated with similar-sounding Urdu alphabet. For example, A is connected with the Urdu alphabet “ALIF”. And so on and so forth.

Here’s how you can install an additional Urdu phonetic keyboard in Microsoft Windows 10;

Download CRULP Urdu Phonetic keyboard by clicking here;


Another alternate location to download the same file is found here;


If successfully installed, you should see two keyboard options in the Windows 10 Control Panel Language section with an addition of “Urdu Phonetic 1.0” keyboard;


Finally, click on the language icon at the bottom-right to select “Urdu Pakistan Urdu Phonetic 1.0 keyboard”;


Phonetic Urdu Keyboard Layout

Official CRULP Urdu language phonetic keyboard (WITH SHIFT) for regular Urdu alphabets looks like this (you may have to open the image in a separate window to see more clearly);

urdu keyboard layout with shift crulp

For special characters including symbols in Holy Quran, you can press RIGHT-ALT and/or RIGHT-SHIFT. That particular keyboard layout looks like this (Again, you might need to open this image in another window to zoom in for a better viewing);

urdu keyboard layout with alt shift crulp


Another easily readable and view-able version of the same Urdu phonetic keyboard;








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