Unblock Caller on Google Voice


Here’s how you can unblock someone from calling or texting you on Google Voice;

Visit this Google Voice URL and click on left menu the respective log i.e. Voicemails, Calls or Messages. Next, notice a round circle which is crossed out right before the numbers you had previously blocked. Click on the number and click the “Options” dots on top-right hand corner. In the list of options, click “Unblock number”;



If you are unable to locate the desired phone number through the logs, you can go to the old classic Google Voice interface by clicking the options on top-left hand corner of the screen marked as three lines or the one at the bottom of the menu marked as three dots;


At the bottom of the settings, click “Legacy Google Voice” option;


Next, from the calling logs i.e. Inbox, Voicemails or Texts, you can see the desired phone number displaying “Blocked” text right next to it in red color. Click the “More” option under the same phone conversation and select the option “Unblock caller”;





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