Insert A Picture in Gmail


Here’s how you can embed a picture (or an image) at a specific location in your E-mail text body, by using Google’s service;

Visit this link and enter your Gmail username and password;


Compose your E-mail and bring the cursor at the position where you want the specific image to appear. Click the Picture icon labeled as “Insert Photo” to continue;


In the next screen, click the “Upload” tab and make sure the “Inline” image button is already enable in front of the “Insert images”. Next, click the “Choose photos to upload” button. Alternately, you can also select the image from already uploaded photos or albums of yours. You can also insert the image directly by entering the URL via “Web Address (URL)” option;


Select the image you wish to upload and click “Open” button to continue;


Back in the E-mail text body, the image should appear where your cursor was originally placed. You can enlarge, shorten or “best fit” by clicking the image accordingly;


Click the “Send” button when done inserting pictures and composing your E-mail.






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