Transfer A Website Domain Name From GoDaddy to OnlineNIC


Here’s how you can transfer a registered domain with to another registrar i.e. Before you go ahead with any domain transfer, make sure you have noted domain owner’s E-mail address (and administrator’s E-mail too, if different), PLUS the current nameservers used i.e. Briefly, you’d need to unlock the domain first at Godaddy and get a “Domain Authorisation” code. Only afterwards, you can start the domain transfer process at your new registrar i.e.

Here’s how the process works;

Login to GoDaddy Domain Control Panel and click “Manage” button in front of the domain that you wish to transfer;


Find “Additional Settings” and see if the “Domain lock” is on, Click the “Edit” button in front of it to turn it off for the domain transfer to go ahead. You might also need to cancel “Protected Registration” or DBP Private registration before going ahead.


Next, click the “Transfer domain away from GoDaddy”;


Follow through all the steps until you reach this final screen whereby you’d get the “Auth Code” via E-mail;


Next, check your E-mail and note the GoDaddy Authorization code as below;


godaddy email

Login to your new registrar’s ( control panel and click “Transfer Domain” –> “Registrar Transfer”. Make sure “Deliver the confirmation email on behalf of OnlineNIC” is checked before you click the “Next Step” button;

onlinenic 1

Click the “Registrar Transfer” button in the next screen when done;

onlinenic 2

Check your E-mail and note down the OnlineNIC domain password. Next, click the link under the instruction “Please visit the following URL”;

onlinenic email

In the next screen, enter OnlineNIC domain password you received in the E-mail and the Domain Authorization code from Godaddy marked as “Domain Auth-Code”. Click “Accept” and “Submit” button to continue;

onlinenic 3

You’ll receive a confirmation dialog box;

onlinenic 4

Next, login to your Godaddy’s Domain management control panel and click “View details” next to “Pending transfer out”;


Next, click the link “Accept or decline” to continue;


Next, click the “Accept transfer” at Godaddy domain control panel and press “OK” button when done;


To check the status of transfer process at, click Domains –> Transfers –> Pending Transfers Out;



To check the status of the transfer process at OnlineNIC, click “Transfer Domain” and “Transfer Status”. If the “transfer pending” status shows for more than a week, then you should contact your old registrar GoDaddy’s customer support and the new registrar OnlineNIC’s support.

onlinenic status

Domain Whois E-Mail Verification:

As a final step of domain transfer, you need to verify the E-mail address of the newly-transferred domain. You can do so by clicking “Manage Domain” –> Whois Verification on the menu at left side. You can see the actual E-mail address, the domain on hold status and the ability to “Resend to current Email address”. If you don’t have access to the previous E-mail, you can always change the E-mail address in the domain and then re-send the Domain Whois E-mail verficiation.








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