Website Domain Privacy and Domain Lock Security at


Spammers or other undesirable elements can easily obtain your private contact information and cause an easily avoidable inconvenience. To address this issue, domain registrars i.e. provide a service called “Domain Privacy” or “ID Shield” which basically replaces your online contact information with their own from public WHOIS records.

As of writing, provides such domain privacy service for free upto 3 times for any domains in your account. Here’s how you can protect your sensitive domain private contact information on OnlineNIC;

Login to your user control panel and click “Manage Domain” and “List My Domains”;


Check-mark the domain you wish to apply ID Shield and click the “ID Shield” button to continue;


Click the check-mark “I have read and totally agree to terms” and press “Apply for ID Shield” button;


You’ll get a confirmation as below;


To see the status of current domain’s ID Shield status, click Main Menu –> Value-Added Services – ID Shield;


Next, you can click the radio button next to the domain that you wish to Pause or Resume the ID Shield service. Please note that currently they provide the same service for free only 3 times. For any additional ID Shield change (i.e. Pause/Resume), you’ll be charged US$2.00 each.



Domain Lock

Even though a domain is usually and automatically locked to not accidentally or fraudulently allow it to be registered by someone else. It is still a good idea to explore the status of domain lock status at your domain registrar’s control panel. provides the same at Main Menu –> Value-Added Services –> Domain Lock;


Here, you can see the status of the domain lock. If you wish to lock or unlock, click the check-mark button next to it and press “Lock” or “Unlock” button accordingly;





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