Barish Half Girlfriend Song – English Lyrics

In your city
I search for myself

Between my eyes
You live
Replacing my dreams

This season of rain
This rain water
These rain drops
Look for you

This desire
To meet you
This desire too old

Let this become true
With you
This story of mine

I will dive in you
Passing through
Your breaths
My heart rests

I have
Nowhere to go
I will find
My shelter in you
Permit me

There is nobody
Between us
Only us here
Then tell me
Why this distance?

From winds
I ask your address
Come to me already
From somewhere

Like birds
This heart travels
Introduce me
To life



Movie: Half Girlfriend (2017)
Singer: Ash King
Lyrics: Arafat Mehmood, Tanishk Bagchi
Music: Tanishk Bagchi
Label: Zee music

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