Why Call Love A Mistake?


I stumbled upon a blog entry by “thebrixtonhousewife”;

What have you learnt from your biggest mistake?

Her own lesson

“That I can choose my own path and that decisions based on fear or ego will never lead to happiness”.

My response

You can’t always choose your own path as nature, life or our loved ones may stop you from going astray or on some particular path of your choice.

There are decisions you have to make out of fear of life and sometimes to save others from the inner devil of your own.

Healthy ego is a must. However, if your decision was based on your negative ego, obviously you’d be broken in so many pieces that not even a piece of your own will recognize that it belonged to you once upon a time.

Inspired by her initiative, I decided to post my own take on it;

Whenever I hear the word “mistake“, if anything resonates more meaningfully closer, it is love. Beyond love, I call everything going wrong as life and learning. Whenever I try to show love, I’m proven over and over wrong. Obviously, that has never stopped me from continuing to love as it is deeply ingrained into my own personality as nature.

So, from repeating this mistake (of love) over and over, what have I finally learned and concluded so far?

People are like sinking scorpions in a river. Whenever your (loving) hand will try to save them, they will sting you.

Once you have prepared yourself for the worst (the sting) by either being ready for it or compartmentalizing their stings to their own issues, then you should go ahead and love freely, openly and as innocently as possible. Without fearing anything or anyone. Its not the sting that will hurt most, its your ability to love and still waste such a great potential.





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