A woman’s past relationships


Sukriti Bhatia (a mental health counselor) wrote a very interesting article on women’s past relationships and how men view them.

I was a bit confused reading her piece as she’d come off as a counselor and then at times, she’d claim (in comments section) as knowing nothing about the other gender (men) and relating with the subject matter only as a woman. She “generalized” a lot about men and even though she was trying to narrate this love she carries for all men as a woman, she was still coming off as knowing nothing about how a loving man operates.

Anyhow, her take on it inspired me to write about my own perspective on the same.

First of all, the word “past” sounds so tragic whenever associated with relationships between men and women (in heterosexual sense). Her soul must have died each time and revived with a new one, only to die again. It is even more tragic when despite having so many (failed) relationships, there is not a single relationship today that she can point to as being truly successful or at least closer to her own definition.

Nobody prays for tragedies but they happen (unfortunately). However, its making those tragedies the “new norm” and actually being proud of them is a bit weird. Its like you have a wound and you go seek a doctor. Instead of treating it, he advises you to keep it fresh and keep sprinkling some salt over it whenever it starts healing or is less painful.

From mental health point of view, obviously, Sukriti is a counselor and sees patients of all sorts. However, majority of her female patients might have affected her own thinking about men. After all, she is also a human (and a woman) and it must be really difficult (or even hard at times) to deal with someone’s tragedy as a mere professional.

To make money, I prefer fixing messed up computers than humans. But still, as a human, I can’t stop helping someone (pro bono) through difficult times. Sukriti Bhatia is still better than most of us as she chose this very difficult profession to pursue and then actually spent some time learning about issues relating to mental health.

Please allow me a bit to “generalize” too while we are at it. I’d strongly recommend men visiting female mental health counselors like Sukriti Bhatia whenever a woman cheats on them, hits them, steals from them, abuses the legal system to destroy a man’s life, etc. etc. These men will definitely help Skruiti Bhatia to develop a more loving view of men as a gender and she’d write her next article with a headline “THE LOVING MAN”.

She did however succeed in attracting my attention enough to have courage to write (or even generalize) about women from men’s perspective. But alas, for now, I have far too many women in my life who love me to death. I may never write it. Tissues please!

And God forbid, if I become a mental health counselor specializing in female patients only (smh). That will be the beginning of my journey towards being at least a cheerleader (if not gay) to these great marches of freedom by LGBT community. I might even go a step further than that and actually organize a march by all Gorillas in the animal kingdom, protesting this newly-launched militant feminism within their female species.

Who knows I may even take off all this human clothing skin and become this bamboo-hopping, banana eating, chest-beating Gorilla doing all those “Hoo hoo’s” and “Haa haa’s”.

Imagination can run as wild as you wish. Its your stopping and smelling the roses that everyone else sees and may connect with.





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