Depression: A war with self


Simone van Hove Emery has suffered from treatment-resisting major depression since her childhood all the way to her middle age today. The same depression (or bi-polar disorder) runs in her family too. She wrote an impressive piece about it on her own blog;

She seems to be at a continuous war with herself, especially her mind. Its like her own brain versus her courageous spirit. So far, that self-destructive mind/brain has not won since she seems to be doing well by somehow staying alive. But from her writings, one can clearly see that at times, her spirit gets tired of fending her brain off and is sort of screaming for help.

Personally, I have never experienced depression. I may have felt sad seeing people doing horrible things to themselves or others. But whatever she describes, is way beyond my own comprehension. Seeing someone so helpless and humanity not having found a complete cure yet, is a reason I continue exploring ways to help someone in a similar situation.


Simone van Hove Emery is a very talented photographer too. You can get in touch with her via any of these links;

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