If humans are a disease, Let them be a cure too!


Out of all the living species on planet earth, the only animal that has entertained me the most, is a human. If they are capable to entertain me, they should also be capable to make me feel sad. I may have felt sad for them but none of them (or their acts) have saddened me to a point where I, myself, felt depressed.

Not everyone has an outlook of life like myself. Some could be too sensitive or just indifferent. Its probably the former which is the focus of my writing this piece who have become saddened to a point where they end up feeling depressed beyond any treatment possible.

This reminds me of a 2010 movie “Eat Pray Love“, starring Julia Roberts and based upon a book by Elizabeth Gilbert. In this movie, an unhappily married woman goes through a painful divorce and tries to find herself (successfully) via round-the-world travels.

A virtual friend of mine and a fellow blogger (Simone van Hove – Emery) suffers from a major depression which is resistant to any psychological treatment as per shrinks. I have not met her yet but there’s something universal about her that I have seen through my own interactions with depressed people on 3 continents.

Most of their depression has a root cause i.e. people. Just like how a snakebite gets treated with an anti-venom drawn from the same snake. There are definitely such awesome humans out there whose love can at least neutralize the post-bite venomous affects.

Medical science will always continue to evolve but imnsho (in my not so humble opinion), humans are a perfect poison and an equally perfect treatment too.





2 thoughts on “If humans are a disease, Let them be a cure too!

  1. I like that a lot. And how true it is in so many ways – well, in my case genetics play a role since this goes back generations. People in my family just disappeared, took their own lives even they were full of love for their families and life itself. I don’t think they stood a chance, and their Good-Byes’ as they always are, must have been unbelievably hard no matter what. One has to suffer greatly to let go of all that is so precious, also in the knowledge of leaving so much pain behind in people’s hearts. ——But just as the first speck of life, Amir, something happens to move this illness further into development. In my case it’s probably many things life throws at us all – my emotional digestive system at times is probably just not as able to metabolize the poison you speak of, as well as others’. But I also see it as the one thing I might be able to do in my life which will be of true help to others, and maybe that alone will be all worth it. Maybe that is the purpose of it all. I have to believe that….. I consider myself after all pretty lucky. – I always liked to give, their is great joy in that. I literally spoil every birthday and Christmas because I can’t wait the days to see the smile on their faces when they open their gifts! It makes me happy. I get scolded for that a lot! But I think it will go down as family tradition! 😉☺️ Thank you, Amir.

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    1. Woah! I was not expecting you to write so much in a comment. That one actually deserves a whole post. I suck at communicating via comments as this is quite a new experience for humans via technology. Anyways, I’d still try to address to things you said on here one-by-one;

      1. Genetically, if that’s the case, then your childern must be exposed to it too. Isn’t there something medically possible to alter the genes for the future generations sake?

      2. I have myself experienced all sorts of pains since I went through normal surgeries i.e. Appendicitis at the age of 15, a broken arm at the age of 8, Hepatitis C at the age of 17 and what not. But none of those excruciatingly painful experiences ever brought to a breaking point to end my life. I am 100% sure that with these pain-killers around us and emotional support available, should be able to help you see at least 100 years of awesome life on planet earth.

      3. Regarding emotional digestive system, I think you have a faith in God and during those highly painful or panic modes, you should be able to connect with Him (swt). I believe you are closer to Him (swt) than many of us. And whenever He (swt) wants you to come even closer, He (swt) lets your body know that. You are a mother and you gave birth to life. You do know how excruciatingly painful it is to bring a life to planet earth. Similarly, connecting your Soul with God (swt) must also be not that easy walk. Beyond us mortals (incl. your family), I’m sure you are able to connect with Him (swt) too.

      4. Being generous with everything you have for others and then instilling the same tradition in your kids is probably the best thing any human can do during our short stay around this temporary life. By giving one tiny gift, you are building this huge castle of love in each heart.

      I am so lucky to have found such a beautiful spirit like yourself and feel honored addressing you as well. I’d love to see more posts of yours. Rarely does anyone inspire me and you do that so easily 🙂

      Love and hugs!


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