Anonymity Pisses Me Off


You were born with a beautiful face and given an awesome name. Why are you anonymous? Why aren’t you bold, confident and truly proud of the words your soul wears on your body?

All these anonymous blogs may very well carry awesome words but why don’t you want them to carry your beautiful face, if not name?

I follow these blogs, only to end up unfollowing them in frustration. Not because of their  content (awesome or not), but because of me violating my own rule to never care, address or be involved with anyone anonymous.

Feel beautiful… Feel you!

2 thoughts on “Anonymity Pisses Me Off

  1. I like knowing more about bloggers, but I can understand that for some people to be as honest as they’d like to be, they must remain anonymous. for instance there are times one might feel inhibited if they think a loved one might take something personally. same goes for an employer or employee…

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    1. Whatever their reasons to remain anonymous and no matter how interesting is their content, I usually skip such blogs. If they can choose to stay hidden, I can also choose real, genuine and fearless individuals whose content is far more interesting with a “personal” and identifiable touch.

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