Marta Made Me Think. I Hate You Marta :)


First of all, who is Marta? Let’s see her dance video first and then I’d enlighten you about her comments on my blog which made me think;

Her full name is Marta Pombo and she is originally from Barcelona, Catalonia (Spain). You can see more about her art and writings at her blog;

You can enjoy her literary talks (in person) too at her Youtube channel;

Back to why I had to introduce her. I wrote this poem recently on

What Does She Really Want?

O’ my

Every single

Soul can be

But let her
Figure out

What does

She really

Marta commented on it;

A mysterious poem. It is sometimes very difficult to know what another person wants. I like the freedom the first person narrator of your poem gives to the female character: “let her figure out…”

And I am used to not thinking much before I respond. But this time, I had to pause and only then let my fingers dance at the computer keyboard (not the tiny one at phone which I hate) with these words;

I am not only a free soul myself but I am actually called by many “A Liberator”. Getting people out of their cages (whether its spiritual, sexual, materialistic or whatever their brain made them to think) is my hobby since more than 22 years now. Its only recently when I opened my love-shop (actually starting to date since before now, I was in love only with books and machines) that I have started to wonder what do these poor souls “REALLY” want? And its sad as hell to see that they, themselves don’t know the answer and are wasting such a precious lifetime, body and a soul in the process.

Her Intriguing Question # 2

I thought that was it and her beautiful spirit will stop wondering anymore. But no, that was not. She came up with another thought-provoking question at another poem of mine;

Any Sweet Events Too?

So far
I have always

Won in
All of those

Being awful

With bitches
Do they throw

Any sweet
Events too?

Her comment to this poem was;

Wow, a very thought provoking poem, so direct. I wonder who the bitches are. Sadly enough, global capitalism only strives for competition and so it destroys human relationships at all levels. By the way, thank you so much for the follow. I really apprreciate this, Amir.

It will be a disrespect to her question if I honestly responded via mere words in a mere comment section. As you can tell, she is clearly interested in knowing about those bitches and since every bitch (in human form) has a whole lifetime, hence its too difficult to describe their stupid lives in comments. Hence, I invited her to talk to me one-on-one instead of these letters that a stranger writes to another stranger and while waiting for a response, a whole lifetime passes through any other life-changing event, destroying flow of a genuine conversation.

Here’s what I wrote back to her in comments;

Marta, hold on before I respond to your question “I wonder who (THE FUCK) these bitches are”. I inserted “THE FUCK” myself and I know you did not include that in your question. Your question feels a little bit “cute” with that tiny edit. Let me grab some tissue papers first to wipe these (fake) tears off my face before I respond. (Amir wipes his alligator tears off and snorts loudly). Did you get the picture?

Its not capitalism. If it was, then you’d see all these gold-digging bitches happy with someone rich. These bitches (I refuse to call them women as it will be a disgrace to womanhood) are out there in droves (on dating sites) faking their tears only to fool a man into a relationship by telling only one side of the story (theirs).

I am actually a man of a very few words but whenever anything serious (relating to someone’s precious life) is asked, I get into this sort of a talking mode of never-ending words. Strangely, you seem to trigger that in me via some of your comments on my blog. You are welcome to add me in any of your chatting apps i.e. Skype, google hangouts and/or Facebook as “aatayyab”, or “” if you are really interested in knowing my point of view at length to all these intriguing questions of yours.

Just keep producing those wonderful spiritual dancing videos and you’d have me follow your blog eternally. 🙂

Another Place Where She Made Me Think (Again) # 3

Oh well, this beautiful spirit (Marta) just carried on sprinkling her love (via words) on my blog in the comments section. Check out our conversation in the comments section on this poem;

Her Venus And My Mars


Her Venus

My Mars

Harder and


A gay

Or marrying

Marta: Keep your faith! Human relationships are very difficult, and when it comes to love… patience!

She was trying to tame this impatient Amir, looking for love (above) 🙂

Amir: Pls. allow me to disagree with you on that. Have you ever seen two birds on a branch of a tree, simply kissing each other, singing and enjoying this awesome life and an opportunity to have a relationship? We, the humans are far better with this ability to think and then act where we should be able to enjoy these relationships more than those birds. Let’s fault humans, not relationships.

And the usual “elaborative” me could not stop myself from wanting to have more from her (above);

Marta: I see your point, Amir, and I agree with you we should do better as human animals. Yes, we make many mistakes. I believe our global capitalism makes it worse. As I already told you, it destroys human relationships at all levels.

And since I have a different outlook of things, hence I chimed in with this (below);

Amir: I think there is a potential where you and I could learn from each other. For example, I don’t think its the capitalism that destroys human relationships. Its actually a test (of any financial hardship) that if a relationship survives, can quality as a true relationship.




34 thoughts on “Marta Made Me Think. I Hate You Marta :)

  1. You hate me because I made you think, Amir? Well, that is a much better thing than total indifference. It means you care for my comments on your lovely poems. I made you think? Wow, that is sooo great!! I am humbled. You have posted all this about me and my blog when I am just an amateur person producing poetry and dancing attempts. Thank you so much! You are very kind.

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  2. By the way, I would just like you to introduce a very little change in this line of your great post honoring me: “Her full name is Marta Pombo and she is originally from Barcelona, Spain.”
    Could you change it like this, please?
    Her full name is Marta Pombo and she is originally from Barcelona, Catalonia.” (if you want you can decide whether or not to add Spain after Catalonia, but Catalonia is still a stateless people seeking independence from Spain in a non-violent and peaceful way, Gandhi-like).
    Thank you. – Marta

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      1. How is Catalonia different from the rest of the Spain? If possible, can you point me to anything you wrote on the subject?


      2. Yes, I saw that. I’d want to request you to write it in your own words in any of your future blogs. For example, what is the “Catalonian” culture, language, dress, etc that you miss or how was your personal life affected by not having Catalonia’s independence?

        Liked by 1 person

      3. The Catalan culture is different because we have our own language. The dress belongs to folkloric events. Otherwise we dress quite normally on the street. Catalan traditional dresses and dance, the latter is called Sardana:….0…1c.1.64.img..0.1.210….0.h46BSWKQZqo#imgrc=xI5U9916amUmZM:

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      4. Wow.. its so beautiful. Sorry for asking too many questions but what is the difference between Sardana and Catalonia?


      5. And I prefer lap dance at strip clubs… lols 🙂 I have actually enjoyed eating at restaurants where they always have a belly dancer. Once, while eating with my date, she actually came all the way in the middle of the restaurant only to sit in my lap and continue making moves 🙂

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      6. Not having achieved independence yet means repression. Political leaders in jail, exiles, freedom of speech attacked. We must continue our legitimate fight non-violently because it is essentially for democracy and human rights.

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      7. Marta, there’s a popular saying where I come from; You take one step towards me, I’d take ten towards you. I must thank you more for reading mine than you thanking me as I did not read much on your blog yet.

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      8. We have some immigrants in Catalonia coming from your country. They sometimes teach me a few words in Urdu. Punjabi not yet, but I will try to tell you something: Mainnu punjabi nahi aandi. Mainnu maaf karo

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