Revert Back To Old Classic Editor And On Self-hosted Blogs


The new blog post editor (Gutenberg) at is still buggy and if you wish to go back to using the old trusted classic editor, Here’s how you can do that;


Click “Write” on the top-right hand corner;


Click the three dots at the top-right-hand corner and at the bottom of the menu, click “Switch To Classic Editor”;



Do NOT click the “Write” button on the top-right bar as it will fire up the new editor that you are trying to get rid of. Instead, visit this link to go straight to WordPress Dashboard;

(change “yourwebsite” to your own blog name site address)


Click the “Deactivate Gutenberg” button under “Not quite ready?” and good riddance. Now you can happily (and freely) enjoy using your classic old wordpress editor by clicking the “Write” button at the top-right bar or anywhere on

Revert Back To Classic Editor On Self-Hosted WordPress Blogs

Login to your WordPress admin;


Visit Dashboard –> Plugins

Install and activate new plugin “Classic Editor” by WordPress Contributors as below;

Classic Editor


Note: Please don’t confuse with or the self-hosted wordpress blog. This blog post is about free hosted blogs.

21 thoughts on “Revert Back To Old Classic Editor And On Self-hosted Blogs

  1. I do see the new editor indeed. One interesting thing is that on another different site that I have on the same account, I did manage to revert back to classic a month or so ago and damned if I can’t remember how I did that on that site.
    Thanks for the help!

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  2. Aha! I figured out what I did before! I initiated a new post and did this…

    “To switch to the classic editor, click on the β€˜. . .’ settings icon in the upper right corner of the editing screen.

    Then, click on Switch to Classic Editor.”


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  3. If you fall into the new Gutenberg editor – look on the top right of your post and note three vertical dots. Click these and go to the bottom of the list and then click Classic editor. Easy to go from one to the other – as Gut is offered on the center top of page if you are already in classic.

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  4. Thanks for this. Sadly, I can’t see how to revert – I suspect it’s because I’m on a Basic plan not a Business plan. Going from the free WordPress to the Basic plan was a big enough step as I’m not a business. Feel kinda bullied by WP to use this baffling block business, would much rather stick with Classic, which I’ve used for years and just about understand. Harumph.

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    1. Hello Daniel πŸ™‚ Thanks for reaching out. Please don’t be disappointed from since every business is out there for profit. There’s a workaround this issue. Simply export your existing WordPress data which is free even in their free plan. And then host your own WordPress at another hosting company i.e. where their WP plans with SSL start at $9.50 per month. There you will have all the freedom to install plugins i..e this one;

      Classic Editor

      Hope this helps.


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