Why I Left Paradise

I found this blog post by someone quite interesting and this how I reacted to it;

“Thanks for visiting my blog. What name should I call you? You seem to have a gift of writing and I’d be reviewing one of your posts via reblog soon. In the meantime, I loved the way you describing your journey from “running” to persevereance. Very much looking forward to your lawn (metaphorically speaking in your words) to be the best not only in the block but the whole world. Why limit ourselves around a few blocks when you showed your strength to move 1,400 miles? 🌹”


While organizing I came across just shy of 15 journals, I admittedly have a problem, and I found something I had posted in a blog a couple of years ago. Here it is again with some minor edits:

Why I Left Paradise

I was born and raised in Miami, but today I live in New England (that’s a 1400 mile and 3 layers of clothing change) and the number one question I get asked ALL the time is:

“WHY would you EVER leave Miami to move up here?”

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