BOFA = Breath Of Fresh Air


I was simply relaxing and enjoying an interesting blog post by Nicola Jane (who prefers to call herself Calamity Jane). And I found this new term BOFA in that post many times. I googled it to find many meanings which did not match the description of the character she mentioned in the post.

Instead of wasting more than 10 seconds on trying to find the meaning elsewhere on the dark web, I decided to reach out to the original author. She was quick to respond with a laughter and introducing him as her “Breath Of Fresh Air” boyfriend.

That is a cute and endearing term for your loved ones and I’d definitely use it in future on someone who feels exactly that i.e. breath of fresh air.



Home on the Range

2 thoughts on “BOFA = Breath Of Fresh Air

    1. Since you introduced me to this term, hence the first award of anyone being my “BOFA” goes to you 🙂 Now you can go and make your “other” BOFA jealous… lol

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