Em – A Hidden Jewel


Inspiring someone like myself to read more who’d hardly go beyond the first line or a paragraph, is not that easy. And despite the fact that most aspiring writers disappoint me, I never stop reading since I have been surprised before and I would love to be (happily) surprised again.

Em’s blog is one of those hidden jewels that I prefer (out of selfish reasons) to stay hidden. She is such a prolific writer that engages her audience so easily and effortlessly.

On her entire blog, almost every topic she picks is interesting beyond one’s expectations. And even though she has not given a shot at writing anything beyond a page or two, I’m sure once she sets her eyes on writing fiction (or for that matter non-fiction), she’d surprise herself.

In her latest post (When Its Hard To Like Yourself), she is brutally honest to herself. Challenging herself, she raises very interesting questions i.e.

My negativity doesn’t push me to greater heights, instead it leaves me feeling insufficient and miserable. So why then, do I keep behaving this way?

She is referring to her complacency with her own writing style. In public, she wants to be like other writers but secretly, her inner self forces her to stick with her own writing style. We already have those writers, what we don’t have, writers like Em.

Not many are lucky like Em whose brain continuously challenges her to be better. The day her brain will stop doing that, that will be the day when she’d be truly content and complacent with her writing (style).

Her train and car analogy, especially the multi-lane highway was brilliant and right on spot. She can change her lane and probably she may never give us any such indicator of doing so.

Stay tuned to her very interesting blog for things that may surprise your reading thirst;




when it’s hard to like yourself


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