Global Database Of Terrorism Suspects


In the wake of recent terrorist attacks on New Zealand mosques by a white supremacist who had told everyone via Internet about his intent beforehand, it has become need of the hour to have a platform where such hate-mongers can be reported (anonymously) to law enforcement agencies by public.

Looking at the nature of Internet and the ability of such terrorism suspects (hate mongers, fear mongers and war mongers) to travel the world, no single country or nation can take that task upon themselves alone without the cooperation of cross-border  security agencies.

The current cooperation (INTERPOL) between international law enforcement agencies and security institutions does not offer a single place for public to report any such suspicious hate-mongering individual or social media content via Internet.

A global database of such terrorism suspects (individuals or organisations) should be, therefore accessible (and shareable) not only by the national law enforcement agencies, but also by the public at large via a specific request to their local court of law in situations like granting a visa, employment, marriage, etc.

Technical proposal in this regard will be submitted to national security agencies and international bodies that monitor and host such critical piece of information to identify and apprehend a potentially violent individual before the act of terrorism.


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