Her Past – A Jerry Springer Show


Before I say anything, first give this post (by a blogger named Crystal Grasso) a reading (probably a few minutes long);


She tried to wrap such a long life of hers in such a short blog post. That, in itself is an achievement as a writer.

I was visiting a friend of mine who was watching Jerry Springer show on her TV alongwith her husband. Upon seeing me, she felt embarrassed at her choice of TV programs and got up in a hurry to shut it off. This act of hers intrigued me enough to turn it back on and watch it by myself while all others got busy in eating and chatting with each other.

I thought it is staged and that human life can’t be that messed up like they show. A Wikipedia post confirmed my doubts about most of the (Jerry Springer’s) actors and actresses as hired people to act out a pre-written script. Later, in real life, whenever I’d meet someone, they’d use a phrase “oh, my life is a Jerry Springer show” and I’d just laugh and never take it seriously.

However, I just read something today that made me think things differently. I don’t think this woman (Crystal Grasso) is trying to get our attention, pity or anything which she confirms through her own words later in the post. So, what is she trying to do here by exemplifying her own horrible past?

Creating Awareness?

There are far worse things (i.e. mass shootings, wars) happening in this world. And if the awareness or knowledge of that has not changed anything or anybody, I don’t think her making us all aware of her horrible (personal) past can do anything good.

Trying To Tell Herself Something Out Loud?

She has been suffering from psychological damage enough that erased her memory. Probably she wrote this as a diary, a memory note to keep. Again, something that terrible and bad can and should have been kept only to herself (and her shrinks, of course).

Helping Others?

She claims she wrote it all only to help others come out of such a misery as successfully as herself. Sadly, she justifies her own terrible attitude towards others as a reaction to herself being molested in her childhood. And in doing so, she sort of allows everyone else to cause harm to others behind guise of this or that excuse.

The most important aspect of any wrong done to anyone is the ability to forgive and forget. How intensely she remembers the gory details of those wrongs and her future plans to actually write books (glorifying her wounds) proves only one thing;

A sheer waste of my time…

I must be really bored. I totally apologize to myself and to you too for wasting our precious moments watching somebody’s Jerry Springer show via words.


A Hellish Past Can Still Have a Heavenly Future: My Personal Journey in Life


2 thoughts on “Her Past – A Jerry Springer Show

  1. Thank you for taking the time to review my post, though discouraging, I will continue to try to help others. I apologize you felt like your time was wasted. I wish you well and hope you can find something to read that you can take value from.


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