Install Vesta Control Panel For Web Hosting On Amazon Lightsail AWS via CentOS 7


My Vesta CP

First, create a Debian instance in Amazon AWS Lightsail;

Debian with 1GB RAM and 40GB hard disk;

Now, open these ports in the networking tab of Lightsail AWS Debian instance;

In the SSH window, run these commands;

sudo su

curl -O

sudo bash –apache yes –nginx yes –phpfpm no –vsftpd no –proftpd no –named yes –mysql yes –postgresql no –exim no –dovecot no –clamav no –spamassassin no –iptables no –fail2ban no –quota no –force no –interactive yes –port 8083 –hostname –email –password abcdef –lang en

To generate myVesta installation script;

Minimal myVesta

MyVesta Without E-mail

To install file manager;

To install Softaculous;

Install WordPress Via One Script

sudo /usr/local/vesta/bin/v-install-wordpress

More about this script can be found at;

Standard Vesta CP Installation

Choose $3.50 per month plan (first month free) with these specs;

512 MB Memory
1 Core Processor
20 GB SSD Disk
1 TB Transfer

Login to your Amazon Lightsail via this URL;


Use this URL to go directly to Amazon Lightsail Instances;


Click “Create Instance” link;


Select “Linux/Unix” as a platform and “OS only” to choose “CentOS 7” option;


After the instance is created, click the three dots next to it;


And from the drop-down menu, select “Manage” option;


Next, click the “Networking” tab and “Attach static IP” option;


To open vesta control panel ports for SSL and FTP, go back to the Lightsail Instance and click the Networking tab. Click “Add another” to add TCP port 21, HTTPS TCP port 443, Custom TCP ports 12044, Custom TCP port 990,  49152-65535 and Custom TCP port 8083;

vesta control panel ports

Now, click the “Connect using SSH” option under “Connect” tab;

To login as a root user and update the newly installed server, issue these commands via SSH window;

sudo yum update

sudo su

To change root password of Cento OS 7:

In the AWS Lightsail SSH window, just enter this command to create new password;

sudo su (to login as ROOT)

passwd (to create new ROOT password)


And issue this command;

curl -O

For an easier copy/paste option, click the “paste” button on the bottom-right hand corner;


Open this URL in another browser tab;

And select these options i.e.

Web: apache FTP: proftpd Mail: no DNS: named Firewall: no softaculous: no additional repository: no File System Quote: no DB: MySQL,, E-mail: and desired password for Vest CP admin username;


Select the above options and click “Generate script”;

bash –nginx no –apache yes –phpfpm no –named yes –remi no –vsftpd no –proftpd yes –iptables no –fail2ban no –quota no –exim no –dovecot no –spamassassin no –clamav no –softaculous no –mysql yes –postgresql no –hostname –email –password 123

Run this script in the SSH window;


After 15 minutes of running the above command, you will be presented with a screen of IP address, username and password to access Vesta control panel. Note it down;


Next issue this command in the browser window to run Vesta control panel;


Click “Show advanced” and then click “Proceed to ip address (not safe)” option at the bottom;


You will be presented with the CentOS username and password screen;

Use these commands (via SSH) to find out the version name of Linux operating system installed;

cat /etc/centos-release

FTP Login Error

Issue these commands in SSH window;

cd /etc
vi proftpd.conf

Press i (to start editing)

Add this line in /etc/proftpd.conf file;

PassivePorts 49152 65535

Press Esc and then :qw to exit while saving changes.

If you get timeout error via your FTP client like this one;

Connect socket #1156 to 12.1234.123.123, port 12061…
Connection timed out
Error loading directory…

Simply switch your ISP internet connection to see if it gets fixed. 


One thought on “Install Vesta Control Panel For Web Hosting On Amazon Lightsail AWS via CentOS 7

  1. Hello and thank you for tutorial, it was very helpful. Now I have an issue, I can’t access to accounts created in the control panel via lightsail’s private key neither via ftp because permissions. I don’t know how can I get access for users created in the panel, maybe you faced this problem and can guide me. Regards.

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