What doesn’t kill you, blah blah blah.

After reading this post of yours, I went 12 years behind when I started dating. I became the man to check you out (flirtatiously) and zoomed in your picture to see you from every angle. And I found you a perfect woman that I’d love to take on a vacation, have a lots of fun with. Since I could not see your eyes, hence I can’t guess what they look like since they are my most favorite thing on any human. But still, from your words over here on the blog, I can tell that you are a very interesting individual (probably in person too as per your own words) and that we’d never run of topics to talk, discuss.

I don’t know what are you waiting for, but if I were you, I’d stop telling all those things to myself and let this beautiful life (and especially men) happen to me. Looking at your doctors, parents and everyone else you have today in your life, my words may sound shocking or even stupid but one moment of life lost (in waiting or mistaking ourselves) can’t be recovered back in future.

We only have a limited amount of time to “feel” and actually live this beautiful life out there just like those birds that you see everyday on trees, playing, hunting for food and enjoying their flight home every evening. I’d stop ranting here with a hope you got the gist of what I wanted to say here.


From famine to feast.

People like to say “what doesn’t
kill you, makes you stronger”. I must be Atlas by now.

I am back from my week-long,
running away from home vacation to Mexico. I made it four days. I’m struggling
to not consider it a failure. I’m struggling to believe that I made the best
decision for myself when I called my parents in tears and asked them to book me
a flight home; I was too distressed to do it myself; the interface on my iPhone
was too difficult for my challenged state of mind.

I’ve been sliding into my
depression for some time now, and struggling with my eating disorder. I’d hoped
time away at the beach, in the sun, just relaxing and drinking, would help. It
may turn out that it did, but things certainly didn’t play out the way I’d

I’d planned on a week of calm, of

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