Looking For Comrades


Comrades??? ahem ahem ahem… 🙂

I could not come up with a better word since I’m going to talk about things quite similar to how the likes of Che Guevara (a Latin American revolutionist) operated, except mine is more intellectual than anything related to armed struggles since I believe pen (and a mouth) is still mightier than any human invention of weapons out there.

We have a very short life on this planet earth, probably a few decades of use (minus stupid youth and a useless old age). I am going to embark on some (intellectual) ass-kicking on a global scale to change human behavior (on state and personal levels) for the sake of humanity’s survival and peace on this beautiful planet Earth (and other planets humans plan on inhabiting i.e. Mars).

I am sure most of the politicians and probably some journalists use the same line to serve their own vested interests. And I won’t hide the fact that I have some of my own  too i.e.

To live in peace and harmony

That is all. Truly. Nothing short or beyond it. All of this chaos (hunger, wars, depression) in our neighborhoods and global anarchy simply blows my mind. I don’t mind different colors, random expressions of the self (or ideas). But then, trying to justify “any” violence (to themselves or anyone else) behind “any” guise is absolutely horrendous.

“What difference did I make to the world while I was alive?”

This is the question my inner self keeps asking me and I want to give an honest answer to myself someday (hopefully before I die).

Since this is something that is beyond my own physical boundaries (i.e. 6 feet by 3 feet of my body), hence I will definitely appreciate any helping hand I can find.

The kind of person(s) to join me in this cause pretty much looks like this awesome individual;

Her name is Bella and she is a bad-ass woman. Not the Rambo-type, but someone who knows how to kick someone’s ass at least verbally (or via written words). You can explore her writings at;


Whether she (Bella), herself joins me, its purely her own personal choice. I won’t even request her since I know that via their mere existence, such great individuals are already making a huge difference in their own special and unique way.

Wish me (and yourself) some luck since we are all going to need it.

Peace (and love, if possible).

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