What is this love thingy between two complete strangers?


The second I was born in this world, there came at least 3 new humans on this planet earth. Since my umbilical cord has been cut from my mother, I have been a totally separate and an independent being. Even though some will argue that the moment a baby is conceived, it is already a complete entity and a human being.

If my mother had died (while giving birth) or abandoned me, I’d have been still raised by other humans until I am old enough to stand on my own two feet without anybody’s help.

Even a mother can’t lay a claim of love to a baby since she never planned or asked for exactly that specific baby. It only accidentally happened to be born in her womb. Right at that second, It would have been born in any of the other three wombs on this planet.

I had to tackle this mother thingy first since most of the global literature and understanding is that through a mother, a confusing concept called love is born.

I don’t buy that.

Moving on to the reason I picked up my pen to talk about it. From my childhood, I have always heard, read and seen (through media) everywhere about people drumming up this strange concept of love. Behind the same guise (of love), wars are raged and indifference is born.

There are 219 nations (as of writing) and only one nation’s entertainment industry (i.e. Hollywood) makes $42 billion annually (2018 figures). And if you look at the very foundation of how can Hollywood convince you to spend your hard-earned money on a drama they produced. It is again, the same manipulation of a confusing and a strange concept called love.

Further, in one nation (USA) alone (out of 219 globally), 45,000+ people commit suicides annually due to loneliness. Which is again blamed at the absence of the same concept of love in shape of divorces, abandonment, etc.

Let’s try to imagine a world without love. We won’t have wars. We won’t have people committing suicides. And we will be able to divert the money Hollywood makes to feed the hungry.

Before I part with you on this subject, let me shed some light on divorce. One stranger proposes. The other accepts. Both get married to reproduce a baby. And then go their own separate ways. What is the big deal with that?

All that moping, getting over, moving on’s and the ever-lasting depression at the end of the day only feeds writers (and Hollywood) to profit off others’ misery.

What a cruel (and a hypocritical) world that tries to define love through millions of ways and then destroys it through even more ways.

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