This is my story

I loved your story and that beautiful song you quoted. Addy is where we are all headed. How lucky were you to have her alive (even for a short period of time). And you have a way of telling a story via written words. I look forward to reading more on your blog. Love and hugs!

Grief, Grace, and Lightning Bugs

Music is my love language. The lyrics of certain songs speak to me and when I sing (although not well-in fact worse since one of my vocal cords became paralyzed), I’m not just singing meaningless words. Songs are so much more than just good music to listen to. My Story has become one of my favorites recently. Especially the line “oh to tell you my story is to tell of Him,” not that my story is some amazing story of everything going great or having what I always dreamed of. In fact my story is far from what I would have ever asked for or even wanted. But when I look back over the past several years I can see God’s hand at work even in the times when I couldn’t get up off the floor. This post is going to be a little longer than most, but this is…

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