Working 9 to 5

Curious George inside me wants to know this beautiful beyond words lady on the cover pic with the strawberry shake in front of her. Is it a random pic from free Google media or someone you know? I’m a sucker for beauty and this pic just made my day. Thank you 🙂

Forty Something Life As We Know It

As a Forty Plusser I come across many Forty Plussers that feel trapped in their jobs. It is easier to change careers while you are younger. The thing is… there is a very very thin line between complaining and just being plain ungrateful! Many times, grass seems greener on the other side when actually it isn’t.

Let’s make it crystal clear: Stop! Don’t ever go broadcasting the fact that you hate your job on social media. If you tell people all over the Internet how you hate your job, you compromise the level of professional integrity you convey, and can risk you getting the boot if the wrong person picks up on your vent sessions. In some instances being frustrated with your job can just be some sort of phase you’re going through, especially if you have personal problems at home.

At some point in your career you may fantasize about…

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