A Double-Speaking Poetess – Robyn Marie


While browsing through some blogs, I stumbled upon a gory display of details related to one’s own personal life at;


I was shocked seeing her wounds out in the open and decided to write a review about it from a critique’s point of view on my own blog at;


Upon seeing my review, one of the Crystal’s commentators posted this;

by: Robyn Marie (fromthissoul)

“I love the way you wrote that. I have a terrible past too that I’ve grown from and totally understand why you wrote this… Your story absolutely inspires and helps others. I also attract soulless narcissistic psychopaths like the one who wrote that Jerry Springer article… It’s crazy… That evil, demonic energy just needs to try and mess with you to dull your shine. For universal balance I guess? Well, I see you shining brighter than ever and I absolutely love how uplifting and inspiring you are. Don’t let anything stop you girl! Keep on keepin’ on, you’re doing a great job. Thank you for your courage and strength =)”


I gave Robyn Marie a befitting response in the comments section on Crystal’s blog. Out of curiosity, I visited Robyn’s website and was totally blown away by the intensity and passion in her words. Had she not already given me her first impression of belonging to exactly the same class of “evil, demonic energy, soulless, narcissistic and  psychopaths” that she called me names of, I’d have been easily fooled by her poetic words.

Robyn seems mentally disturbed and is probably at right place i.e. Crystal’s mental health blog. However, whenever I interact with such messed up individuals in the cyberspace, I can only narrate, pray and feel pity about them.

Read her poetry yourself as I painstakingly transcribed her voice into written words. She does have a beautiful voice and seems like a good music composer as well, since the music in the background mixes quite well with the theme of those particular poems.

Enjoy seeing, reading and hearing her double-speak! 😜

Take Flight

Break free from the pain
Make the necessary changes
Free yourself from demons
Parasites and leeches
Feeding off your spirit
You can beat this
If you try
You will succeed
You will bleed
Through the battle
Torn and taken
Beaten and broken
You will rise
A new light
A new way
To stay
Until the next fight

Love Thyself

Dear World,
I am sorry for my absence,
I am sorry for my irreverence,
I am sorry for my ways,
Please forgive me,
Please gift another chance,
To show you I can love,
With all my heart again,
Please be wise, and kind, and patient, as I
Begin by journey back to Love.
For I have been blind, and ignorant at times,
Not accepting from above.
Embittered by anger, hurt, pain, and shame,
I wallow at times, feeling hopeless again.
Rise! Shall I! Rise from the flame!
Encumbered NO MORE! Power regained.


Born into this world,
A bright and cheery one,
Appreciating beauty,
Gazing to the sun,
I child’s endeavor,
Divine gift and powers,
Gifting love to all different flowers,
But then something changes,
Kneel down in good graces,
“Tell me how and why this human race
Ever came down to this?”
Civilization is such a disgrace,
When you really look at it,
What do we see?
We’re trapped and injured,
Blindfolded and told lies,
Forced to slave for some piece of paper, some prize,
To work for and pay in to an agenda we never made, or agreed to,
I say “Nay!”
Rise up we must!
A sovereign being,
Resist the impurity, and mind’s anxiety,
Our Spirit speaks to us, every minute every day,
But we can’t hear her, because of the poisoning, confusion,
Fluoride, Aluminum,
Our food, our pills,
Electronic devices, and everything there,
keeps us separated and bare,
From OUR truth, from OUR conclusion,
Be free, wild one.
Soar the seas, hug some trees, feel the breeze,
This matrix is dissolving.
Not enough to play the game anymore,
The truth is being brought to surface,
See, the battle between light and dark,
Is all a big, beautiful, SPARK of energy,
But sometimes we can’t see,
Our mind betwixt in pain and misery,
In the shadow of the past,
And the illusion of the future,
Now is just now, and you are here now, and trust me,
There is nothing but now,
And it’s all energy,
It’s all divinity,
So let’s unplug and return to our innocent,
Loving, curious, adventurous,
Creative, joyful, kind-spirited selves,
And all enjoy this time together, now.
Much Love,
– Robyn

Obviously, all of this warranted a legal notice to be served to Robyn Marie for her to explain, apologize and/or retract her abusive words about me. Further, I requested Crystal to remove Robyn’s stupid comment from her blog as well.



Robyn Marie

Robyn Marie’s Youtube Channel:


A Hellish Past Can Still Have a Heavenly Future: My Personal Journey in Life


4 thoughts on “A Double-Speaking Poetess – Robyn Marie

  1. Amir, you are beyond pathetic. Based on your extremely vindictive response, she was spot on about you. Anyone who would go to such lengths for revenge over some words is truly deeply emotionally disturbed. I hope you get help, mate. And grow up. Cheers.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kiddo, there’s no revenge happening here. Its only teaching manners to stupid children like yourself and herself. Stop making an ass of yourself by projecting and apologize to daddy. Your failure to do so will only bring you all the “emotionally disturbed” help right at your doorstep that both of you deserve. Until, of course if you are some attention-seeking and hideous troll out there. LOL 🙂


  2. Amir, she was only sticking up for me for the hurtful review you wrote about me. It was wrong for her to call you names, but it is also wrong for you to exploit others with things like this. You could have messaged her privately and talked to her. She is very understanding. I enjoy having your outlook and perspective on my blog, I’m able to handle things like this, others might not be able to. Robyn is a really sweet woman who felt the need to speak up for me. I don’t think she was trying to be rude to you or “two-faced”, only caught up in the moment of defending me. I take no offense to your review about me, you were trying to understand why I wrote what I did. I removed the comment both you and she requested me to. I am very sorry about all this.


    1. What is wrong to you might very well be right to me so I hope you never lecture me about anything in future as both of us are adults. I do things in my way and you are defintiely welcome to check out the nearest highway. Robyn has apologized to me and I have accepted that by removing that post as well. And you should not need the public to defend yourself like a child. When you exposed yourself to the public, you should also be ready for critique (hurtful or not). And kindly don’t compare yourself with others since many out there are far far better than you instead of your negative outlook of the whole world that needs help. Robyn was trying to be a bitch and she learned her lesson quite well. She and I don’t have any hard feelings to each other. However, you are ground zero of all this non-sense and I hope you do realize that than projecting anything on me. Thanks, but no thanks. (Amir is mad @ you and hides in his blankie).


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