Humans Are Beyond Perfect


After a terrorist sprayed bullets on worshipers in a House of God, he was caught and brought for interviewing. He said he was offered 200 grands (of money) to carry out the killing. And since his sister’s wedding cost was exactly that amount, hence he did that.

I hear this a lot;

To err, is human.

You are just a human, not perfect.

Its easy to label someone a monster just like the example above. But without seeing the underlying cause, you have hardly scratched the surface of the issue.

Recently, I wrote this on my own blog ( and as a comment elsewhere;

Angels are real
So are humans

Who can be
Far more

Than angels

What I am trying to say here is that to err, is NOT human. And being human is not about being perfect, but actually beyond than that.

I do not focus on the wrong-doer since that individual could be misguided, misunderstood, having some mental health issue (which is curable), etc. My real and true focus is the wrong itself and separating the human from it.

Hopefully, all of us can see humans differently than their words and/or acts.

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