Choosing To Hate – A Mental Health Issue


Imagine these real-life scenarios;

  • A healthy woman murders (via abortion) an innocent human in her belly.
  • A white supremacist spraying bullets on worshipers in a House of God.

If you can connect the dots, you can easily see the choices of committing acts and words of hatred are as old as human history itself. Nothing has changed. Some will argue that hatred has actually increased, thanks to digital revolution.

Pills, therapies, and hospitalization/incarceration (and even hangings) are prescribed as a solution to this mental health issue of hatred. Some resort to religion which eventually resorts to them committing another hatred i.e. hating people of other religions and/or atheism.

In a nutshell, humanity has so far failed miserably addressing this issue of hatred. There are very few bold individuals who confront hatred head-on and are actually able to let that hate-mongering think or pause his/her hateful behavior.

Obviously, humanity can’t rely merely on a few individual heroes. We, humans are not like ants who will follow a certain path of love or peace once discovered by any other individual ant. We are all highly unique beings, despite belonging to same specie (i.e. homo sapiens).

Instead of watching every single hateful act or word of these individuals (which is what states are now-a-days doing), I suggest we focus on the core reasons, logics and excuses that make one individual hate the other.

Remarkably, humans are intelligent and conscience beings that can remember, think, process and act accordingly. Only if we can help the hateful individual see other side of the coin in a positive and thoughtful way, that is the closest we can get to that individual changing his/her hateful path.


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