Melancholy In Moving On


According to laws of Physics (especially quantum entanglement), if my heart is entangled with yours, no matter how big is the difference (in terms of distance or anything else) between us, we’d always stay entangled with each other.

People move on from something or someone when it exists in the first place. As per my philosophy, something that ends, was NEVER there to begin with. Same applies to the love between two complete strangers.

However, I do want to believe in the “moment” no matter how long or short it lasted. All of those “I love you’s” and “Promise me you will never leave me“, etc. They sounded good only in the moment. Probably that’s what all those Cinderella or Romeo Juliet stories taught us during our childhood.

When I look at the universe around me, it is transforming fast and for good. Nothing remains and everything being born anew.

That poor (and needy) stranger’s tall claims of love were, are and always will be their reality, never mine. I was only watching (and enjoying) the drama (of life and love) unfold right in front of my eyes.

Of course, I was there. I went along their claims, promises and all those nice words as long their feet could walk. When they stopped, my feet had only known walking. Hence, I kept walking. People call that moving on from one individual to another. And I call that walk nothing more than saying a “hi” and a “bye” to a total stranger on my travels across planet Earth and many others yet to come.

Signing up soon for the first human colony on the planet Mars. Venus, they (NASA) say is totally uninhabitable by men (don’t know about women).

Pun intended, of course. Duh!


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