Men Don’t Talk To Women


When I was little, my mom said;

“If you play with girls, you will catch lice and your head will become itchy and scratchy.”

Today, after 40 or so years since she said that, I watched a 2-minute movie about human head lice (there are videos about guerilla head lice, don’t watch them);

Why am I taking so much pain in useless things like that? Oh well, she has proven right. If it was not lice, I caught many other things (minus venereal diseases) from women by interacting with them only from experimental point of view.

Instead of going into yucky (and “ewwy”) details about my findings, I’d prefer to stick with what my mom said. Recently I read a book written by a woman which was mostly targeted at women who seek divorces (or breakups) en masse.

Why was I reading it in the first place?

I have been attracted mostly to depressed, needy, and weak people only out of empathy. Incidentally, majority of them have been women since I opened my love shop (dating) temporarily. I have been presented with the most complicated things (women) since last time I solved Algebra and algorithm questions in my math class where despite being my teacher’s pet, she always scolded me for my natural smile.

I remember her name as she used to teach me in Grade 3 back in 1977. And since I have picture perfect memory, no matter how old she has become, I will instantly recognize her. I so much want to smile to her only to see if she is still pissed at me just because of my natural smile πŸ™‚



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