Cycle Of Marriages And Divorces Between Total Strangers


The concept of marriage is so stupid and totally out of touch with the reality of two completely separate, independent and unique individuals. Actually, both of them are an entity on their own and via this fake concept of marriage, a non-existent bond is created only in their heads.

Just look at the intensity of those (written, verbalized or unwritten) promises these two individuals made to each other with a smile and then ended it with a few (sometimes crocodile) tears. Only to begin the same cycle of emotions with another individual alongwith same (fake or not) smile and tears.

Probably humans in the past lacked genuine emotions, hence they invented this concept of marriage. Today, we can look at this farce that we have been living for millions of years and call it what it is – an illusion.

I have always thought, dreamed and achieved whatever I wanted. Why? Because I never included any stranger (or even my own flesh and blood) in my dreams. It does not mean I don’t love or care about them or any strangers out there. It simply means those thoughts,  dreams and achievements are all mine. And I don’t need nobody’s acknowledgement(s) or applause, except my own.

A picture of a selfish individual starts emerging. And I am totally FOR that type of (positive) selfishness.


Because what you don’t have (love for your own self), how can you make all those tall claims (of marriage) to anyone? You have nothing to give to the other and in here “nothing” has nothing to do with anything materialistic.

This fake concept of marriage has caused more headaches and destroyed more peace than there would have been in this world today in its absence. You want to fuck somebody, pay them or ask them to pay you for offering your sexual service. Or, if you are a Romeo/Juliet personality type, and can’t get rid of all those Cinderella stories you watched in your childhood, fuck for free.

Actually, fuck anyone anytime anywhere. Why the fuss? What’s the need of making all those arrangements (of marriage) and divorces? Why do you have to go through marriage counselors, anti-depressants and lawyers for no fucking reason?

Please excuse my mention of “fuckology” over here as I wanted to express my frustration that is caused by simply looking and feeling the pain of others, not mine.

A wise person was asked where did he draw his wisdom from? He answered;

“Fools. I simply watch them and never do what they do.”

On a side note, in whichever country, society, religion or planet you live, you’d have to follow some of the customs and laws of those lands. Sign all those papers (of marriage AND divorce) happily, if you are required. And calmly listen to anyone with fake (or not) tears seeking your promise to never leave them.

But deep inside yourself, know that you are a totally separate, unique and a different individual than anybody out there. Never let anybody play with your head (via mind games) to mess with the idea of love. Love is a one-way traffic and its there only to make you happy, not the other.

If you love someone, don’t expect nothing back from them since that poor, weak and stupid individual has not known love like you do.

… and my humble apology for calling your love all those names. But still, you got the idea 🙂

Never EVER marry.

If you have to, marry yourself FIRST before marrying anybody so that you have to sign only one divorce paper, not two.

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