State of Affairs

At least half of the Americans (160 million of them) voted for Trump. Hence, its safe to assume that majority of Americans hate each other. The question is how it is going to affect the fabric of American society? Will there be a violent increase in an already unsafe place for immigrants and/or of people with different color than white? Civil war made slaves free. Is another civil war brewing up to make the Americans accept the people in mainstream that they freed in the previous war? This hate en masse is giving birth to more questions than there are answers, I am afraid.

Thoughts of Tee

The world of Trump and the Trump cult, (I call it a cult because sane, kind people have become everything they used to be against), is absolutely confounding to me. I have seen some nefarious characters in positions of power, but nothing to compare to this President, his Administration, and his followers.

He cannot keep competent people in his administration. Why is that, do you think? My guess, partially based on books, interviews, and testimony, is Donald Trump is so crooked and on the border-if not already there-of criminal they finally got a clue he would not change and bailed before they could be involved with something that would ruin their careers or send them to jail like Paul Manafort.

He has sown so much division among Americans it is constantly on display and he fuels it every chance he gets. He appeals to people’s bad side and makes it…

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