Lesson From A “Love Note”


Yes, you read the title right – I got a “love note.” It has been over a decade since my last one from Joe.

However, this is one I NEVER want to get again.

Last week I found a “love note” from my city taped to my door. The note stated I had 15 days to replace my broken sidewalk.


I am not able to pull that kind of money out of thin air. Who do you think I am Jeff Bezos? Warren Buffet? President Trump?

My neighbor is a contractor and last evening we discussed the situation as they got a “love note” too. There’s is in better shape than mine and they still got a “love note.” He will fix theirs and the 3 broken spots on my sidewalk.

So all is under control.

The Lesson

Check with your city and see who is responsible for the…

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