Boundaries Are For Everyone

A deep look into boundaries between people.

Under my skin

Here’s where things can go sideways in a number of relationships – and I’m not speaking solely of lovers or partners.  Everyone has to have boundaries, guidelines that they will not cross, spaces where they can stand their ground.  If, perchance, someone tells you that your boundary – let’s say you cannot use the toilet if the door is open – is ridiculous, that person isn’t doing you a kindness.  If that person asks you about it, they are being respectful of your space.  See the difference?  Mockery or disdain as opposed to open discussion.

I’m bringing this topic up (again) because it is so important to a person’s mental health and well being.  When boundaries are ignored, insulted, run over or picked apart, that’s tearing at the own sense of self, the self worth, and the ability to protect one’s self from traumas.   Some boundaries we don’t know about…

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