Fearing Social Media?


I took my gloves off only after watching and learning from trolls on Internet for more than 15 years. Before social media, there were all kinds of internet forums, chats, etc.

You may say its a long time not succumb to the urge of participating in a discussion freely and openly. And I can’t agree with you more on that. However, there’s a side to me which my teachers used to love (hence always a teacher’s pet) i.e. patience and restraint whenever trying to learn something.

I picked up my pen when I saw Christine from a blog “Transformative Nourishment” talking about negative effects of social media on mental health due to negativity, online bullying, racism, grandiosity and insecurity.

My golden rule in this regard is derived from the wisdom of Dale Carnegie (1888-1955) who said;

“Be prepared for the worst but always expect the best.”

If you ask me, I’d prefer to have this self-defense technique (from negative affects of social media) taught at the primary and elementary schools.

From criminal investigation and prosecution point of view, I love negative forces on social media only for one reason i.e. their digital footprints. No matter behind what mask or anonymity they try to hide, the cyber technologies to track and apprehend them are way ahead of such fools.

Unfortunately, just like how porn is 90% use of the internet today, almost the same percentage of social media is being used for negative purposes. If you are prepared for the 90% worst side of social media, you’d definitely reap the benefits from the rest 10% positive use of it.


How I’ve Found A Healthier Approach To Using & Viewing Social Media

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