How I Found A Woman For Myself Online


Years back in my office, after I was done checking my E-mail from Yahoo, I saw a small advertisement from Yahoo Personals (a dating site). There were some pretty faces of women on that advertisement. Before I go ahead and tell you what happened after I clicked that ad, let me give you a tiny background.

I had recently joined this new job and relocated to Orlando, FL in a luxury apartment near airport. And my evenings were as usual strolling at topless bars, technology or book shops, etc. And binge-watching movies at home all by myself. Never felt alone since there were at least a million people in my town.

I was 37 and had never dated in my whole lifetime. My digital toys (computers and electronic gadgets) were already an awesome entertainment for me and never looked at people (men or women) as my source of happiness.

You may call me anti-social but as per my calculation, 15 minutes or more of interaction with people out of 24 hours is way too much for me. Its not that I can’t stand people. Its more like I don’t understand them or let’s say not that much interested in the awkwardness of stupid topics to talk about.

Whatever and whoever I interact with, is a carefully researched object of mine. I know it from inside out. OK, enough of that tiny background since it would easily start getting boring for me to continue writing about myself and not about the subject matter.

Back to the online dating ad by Yahoo on my screen that particular afternoon in my office. I clicked through it only to land on a one-time $35 payment to view details of those pretty faces. Btw, its the first time I was interested in any pretty face and actually wanted to know more. Its a strange twist of my life since it has never happened before especially me wanting to know anything about women or people.

After I paid and uploaded my own picture, I entered a few lines where I said that I was looking for someone to have walks together. I had no freaking clue what else to write since there was no helpful guideline by Yahoo.

There was a button to like all those pretty faces and I kept pressing them until I got bored. I got up after a few minutes to grab a cup of coffee. When I came back to my seat, lo & behold, there was a message from someone. Excitingly, I clicked on it. This pretty face that I had liked out of many had accepted my message and she asked me to call her on her phone.

The rest is pretty much same ole’ same ole’ boring story that you must have heard with a few differences (of names and faces) from other people. What was exciting for me was that what I could never achieve in real life (out of shyness maybe), I achieved it so easily and cheap via online Yahoo Dating site called “Yahoo Personals”.

Yahoo Personals was closed in 2010, probably sold to which I never cared to pay a single dime afterwards since I had enough of online dating. Nothing exciting or rewarding about finding a woman online I suppose.

Next time I stroll in a bookshop like Barnes & Noble, I’d be looking for titles sounding like;

“How I Found A Woman For Myself Offline”

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