The Difference Every Single One Of Us Can Make To This World


I was watching another sad news story about a slow, yet sure eradication of millions of Chinese Uigheurs’ (Turkish) culture and religion i.e. Islam on VICE;

When I saw this YouTube commentator (swagy mochi) expressing their sorrow and inability to help the ones in this tragedy through these words;

God this is so sad if I have the power to solve all the problems in the world I would but I can’t:(

This is how I responded to him/her;

There are at least 4 people here (plus these hundreds of commentators). You, me, the journalist who traveled and the Vice whose YouTube channel we’re on. So, you have already contributed in making this world a better place by commenting and acknowledging this as a tragedy. That is a soft power you have already exerted on making this world a better place. Rest assured, you’re far stronger than you think. Love and peace to you 🌹

This social engineering has been a practice of humans since their arrival on planet Earth. Nothing new about that. However, what is new is this “technology vs. technology” battle where one is trying to liberate the world, while the other is successfully imprisoning them in their own minds and brick walls.

My own independent comment on the YouTube video itself was;

To the VICE management; This particular video made me research the owners of such a brave organisation. Pls. convey my heartiest thanks (and Salam) to Suroosh Alvi and Shane Smith for creating an organization (and content) that is impacting the world in such a positive way. Hats off! 🙂



swagy mochi:

VICE News:


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