Connections And Relationships


Recently a woman whom I must have fucked a million times (it felt like that even if the actual number of times was few), she called me a brother on phone. And after that, we never fucked. In her words, we broke up. And at that time, I did not have a remote clue what the heck is “breaking up” since all I enjoyed was fucking.

She used to fall in love with every man she fucked and probably she planned on doing the same to me too, had I not stopped her right there and then.

I still feel strange and weird about her calling me “brother”. However, when I tried to find a meaning (which obviously she could never describe), its because all of us are born from one couple “Adam and Eve”. From remote (scientific) relationships point of view, we are all brothers and sisters.

Does that really mean that every woman I fucked was my sister? That’s hard to swallow and actually quite an incest (I want to say “incestional” if there was such a word) thing to say. This will also mean that you and I are born after our parents (who were brothers and sisters from this theoretical point of view) fucked each other.

And if you start applying the same further, it will also encompass your and mine kids. OK, I will stop here.

This is what you get when a geek (who loves machines more than people) tries to become social and looks for reasons people say fucked up things like her calling me a “brother” on phone.

I must never fuck such a “sister” again.


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