Dating 101: The mistake almost everyone makes when seeking true love

There’s only one thing… ONLY ONE THING (sorry for shouting) that I attach my 100% i.e. the Cindrella love you talk about. Its next to impossible to give it 99% or 80% like you say here since from childhood, our psychology is built totally differently. Let there be at least one person out of billions of them who gives you his 100% and you give him back your 100%. I am so glad I did not say “try” 🙂

Midnight Harmony

Updated (Org. pub 10/2/17)

When it comes to dating and relationships, there’s something almost all daters are guilty of….

…I myself was guilty of this one thing for many many years.

Even though I pretty much always knew better, for a long time I never fully let go of the dream. You know which one I’m talking about. That one you read about in fairy tales. Cinderella was saved by her Prince Charming… Snow White was too… and Rapunzel… and Sleeping Beauty… and…

Bottom line: I wanted to be saved. But saved from what exactly?

By the time I hit my late teens I knew this fairly tale dream of being saved by Prince Charming was just that–a fairy tale. I knew this! But that didn’t stop me from still having a burning desire for it. Crazy, eh?


In the back–or maybe even the front–of my mind was the…

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