Holly Writes About Trolls


Holly touches on a topic (via her blog post titled as “Don’t Be So Cruel“) that is also an interesting part of human psychology.

Online trolls are my favorite and I have learnt a lot from them. Of course, I had to become an ass-hole only to join them to see their modus operandi.

These insecure keyboard warriors are not found around that much now-a-days as they were there back in 1990’s and 2000’s, thanks to a better cyber control (through many means) over their activities.

They are (hopeful) criminals who could never have enough balls to actually commit a crime. However, in destroying someone’s peace of mind and actually bringing the worst out of a few (especially with mental health issues), they succeed a lot. Today’s online hate-mongering (and racial bigotry) is a living proof for whatever I said here.

Unfortunately (or fortunately), the geek inside me looks at anything (good or bad) as an object. Probably that’s how my humanity’s innocence has never been affected (positively or negatively) by anybody or anything. My life’s motto is derived from the wisdom of Dale Carnegie’s words;

“Be prepared for the worst, but still expect the best”.

Hence, my need to study these trolls like objects and learn (or unlearn) their ways to still leave a lasting mark in their attention-seeking heads. However, its not for any weak-hearted and I don’t recommend my strategy to everyone else since I may carry (more than usual) patience.

I wanted to reblog her post but there were a few objectionable pictures (from her post) that would have been posted automatically on my own blog.



Cover Image and post by Holly (Holzieloves@gmail.com) at;

Don’t be so cruel

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