Memo at midnight: Love everything ❤️💕

What wonderful 5-minute exercise. I chose to love her (positive) words. Rarely you find a beauty with brains. An original idea of hers (about loving everything for a few minutes) that works all the time.

Midnight Harmony

Been feeling stressed, depressed, repressed or simply just feeling bad??? I feel like I’ve been in a negative, self-absorbed funk for days myself. Sometimes I still forget that I have awesome tools at my disposal to deal with such things. Remembering too that the swells and swales of life are just that–life–helps quite a bit as well.

Now, I want to pose a challenge to the grumpiestand/or the unhappiest people reading this post (and everyone else, too.) Try the following exercise. Please, just force yourself for 5 minutes. That’s it. Afterward you can go back to being grumpy if you wish…. I know grumpy. I’ve dealt with grumpy. You don’t faze me!!

bird-nest-eggs-blue-158734.jpeg Photo by Pixabay on

Ok, here we go… this is it…

For 5 or 10 minutes love everything!

For 5 or 10 minutes think exclusively about everything and everyone you love. If your mind wanders to…

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