Respect is

So is

Note: People are shocked to see my well-behaved and a (too) nice behavior to become the loudest (and coldly effective) ass-hole triggered by tiniest show of anything foolish by anybody.

After the show, two ladies were intrigued by my over-the-top reaction and told me they prefer to stay quiet instead. Hearing that, I said that I’m not indifferent like them. If someone is being foolish, there are other reasons than his/her stupid behavior and I am challenging that particular fool to tell us his/her psychological (messed up) issues instead of keeping them hidden or being ignored by the people around them.

My (more stupid) reaction to anybody’s stupidity is a show of me caring for them, not giving a fuck about them and walking away. No other specie (including ants) does that to their own specie except us humans.

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